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Gift Economy Coaching and Consultancy

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Gill Coombs




'Gift Economy' means that I make no charge for my work. I offer coaching sessions as a gift. Clients may choose to offer me a gift in return. This will depend on what they have, and what they think their coaching sessions are worth. Coaching is a process and a relationship in which I support you in clarifying and attaining your life goals, through appropriate questions, listening, feedback, challenges and other activities depending on each client’s preferences. I specialise in working with people who are asking themselves questions such as: 'What do I want to do with the rest of my life?' or ‘What can I offer the world in these times of global upheaval?’




In your first session, we’ll explore some general background: your journey so far, your current situation, and your hopes and dreams. You’ll be able to ask any questions you want to about coaching, and we’ll discuss how we might best work together. Then we’ll agree:


  • approximately how many sessions we’ll do together
  • how long sessions will be
  • how often sessions will be


We’ll regularly review the work we’ve done together, and recognise when the coaching feels complete. Either after each session or at the end of a series of sessions, you’ll decide whether you want to make me a gift of money, or some other item or service, in exchange. If you think the coaching was worthless – you won’t give me anything. And that will be fine.




Coaching sessions can be anything from weekly to monthly, or even less frequently for a refocusing or refresher. They usually last around an hour, but can be up to two hours if needed. Some clients opt to contract for three or six sessions, for example. Some are happy with just a one-off session, and others like to leave it open-ended. I’ve been working fortnightly with one client for over a year, and another likes to drop in once a year or so for a series of six sessions.




I’m based in South Devon, and that’s where I do most of my face-to-face work. But I also work with national and international clients on Skype (with or without video, depending on each client’s preference). Sometimes people feel uneasy about Skype coaching – until the first session, when (so far) everyone has been fine with it! I was uneasy myself about working as a coach on Skype until I tried it, but now I’m a big fan – it has many advantages.




Why would you want to work with me as your coach?


My own role in the world has become one of helping others find and fulfil their own potential. I believe that when so many people feel stuck in jobs that they don’t enjoy, and that don’t give them a chance to fully express their talents or passions, everybody loses out. My own career journey, and many years of work with organisations as coach, facilitator and management trainer, have made me so passionate about this topic that I wrote a book about it. I have a Diploma in Professional Coach-Mentoring (with distinction) from the OCM, and hundreds of hours of experience. Here's some feedback from clients.


Why would I want to offer coaching in the Gift Economy?


I’ve been inspired by Charles Eisenstein and his book Sacred Economy, and Lewis Hyde’s book The Gift, as well as many others. However, my definitive decision to change my business model arose from a reflective experience at the time of turning fifty, coinciding with reading an article by Eisenstein’s website designer, Adrian Hoppel.


Picasso is quoted as saying, 'The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.'


One of my gifts is an ability to help others through my coaching work. And my purpose is to make that gift accessible to the world, where it can be of service. I believe that while money has its place, the thorough monetisation of the working world has robbed work of its humanity. Sadly, almost all working relationships are now transactional rather than reciprocal. In my book Hearing our Calling, published by Floris in 2014, I describe how individuals, communities and the whole living world are damaged by today’s economic model. I want to be part of creating a different working world, and coaching 'in the gift' is my contribution.


Consultancy for Social Enterprises/Small Business/Ethical Organisations


I also offer a limited amount of management and leadership development and consultancy, for organisations in the South West with the wellbeing of people and planet at the centre of their vision and values (and those seeking to shift in this direction). Consultancy work is also within the Gift Economy model, and draws on many years of Learning and Development work with organisations across the sectors. Contact me for more details and a discussion about your organisation’s issues/needs.





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'Gill provides the prefect combination of intuitive guidance and straightforward practical advice taking you through a process that allows you to attain your goals seemingly effortlessly. Life changing work.'

(JCK Niala - Writer, Osteopath)


'Coaching with Gill has been a life changing experience and I now see our regular sessions as a vital tool in my personal and professional development.'

(Jo Curson, Head of Development, GreenSquare Group)



'Gill's approach to her work is second to none. She is a consummate professional at all times and clearly takes enormous pride in her work. Gill is an experienced practitioner in her field and brings an outcome centred approach.'

(Rob Fletcher, Head of ICT, GreenSquare Group)



'You were just great at doing what you did. I think it was really well managed so thank you very much. We do now have a common language and we can identify when things are going awry...hopefully!'

(Team Leader)



'An excellent, well-run day with the balance of discussion and activity with theory managed extremely well'

(Janet Kenward, Principal, Fairfield College)



'The team building days were full of energy and fun, bringing our team closer together without realising it. Gill's workshops were thought provoking and encouraged team members to be honest and open. Everyone who took part in the team building days thoroughly enjoyed them and felt that they had bonded with other colleagues which will help with future working together.'

(Tracey Chant, Commercial Property Manager, Oakus)



'There was a clarity and rigour in her thinking which was unexpected, for me - and a truly unexpected angle of compassion & non-judgement, which I found really exciting. And I was surprised, too, at what a difference it made to share this experience, and be with others in a way that guided and structured our thinking. And then, what brilliant material came up!'

(Judy Hindley, Children's Author)




Gill's book Hearing our Calling explores why so many of us are unhappy in the wrong job or no job, and how we can all benefit from re-visioning 'the workplace'


         Hearing My Calling at Floris



   £15.00 plus £2.00 P&P (UK)



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A few spaces left on this workshop with Gill at Hawkwood College, Stroud, 26-26 Sept 2014


         Hearing Your Calling at Hawkwood College

      Hearing Your Calling




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