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Gill Coombs

Career Transition and Transformation



Are you happy in your job?


Do you feel your work is appreciated?

Is your work aligned with your personal values?

In today’s working world, increasing numbers of people are saying ‘no’ to some or all of these questions. People want work that’s fulfilling; work in which their skills and qualities will be fully utilised; work that makes a positive difference in the world.

I support people in finding work they love, using a blend of questions and listening, support and challenge, insights, encouragement and advice. I’ll help you gain a deeper understanding of your unique gifts, more clarity about the difference you want to make in the world, and some first steps towards doing work you love.


What Happens?


In your first session, we’ll explore some general background: your journey so far, your current situation, your core passions, and your hopes and dreams. You’ll be able to ask any questions you want to about how I work, and we’ll discuss whether and how we might best work together. Then we’ll agree approximately how many sessions we’ll do together and how often sessions will be.





My home is near Totnes in South Devon, and that’s where I do most of my face-to-face work. I also work with national and international clients on Skype.


How Much?


High Income: £70 per hour

Average Income: £50 per hour

Low Income: £30 per hour

No Income: This doesn’t mean we can’t work together! Contact me to discuss various options.



Why would you want to work with me?


I love helping others find and fulfil their own potential. I believe that when so many people feel stuck in jobs that they don’t enjoy, and that don’t give them a chance to fully express their talents or passions, everybody loses out. My own career journey, and many years of work with organisations as coach, facilitator and management trainer, have made me so passionate about this topic that I wrote a book about it. I have a Diploma in Professional Coach-Mentoring (with distinction) from the OCM, and hundreds of hours of experience. I’ll work with you in a way that is supportive, creative, challenging, non-judgmental and compassionate. And sometimes fun! Here’s some feedback from clients.




'By giving me a safe and nurturing space in which to explore my calling, Gill enabled me to rediscover a greater confidence in a more authentic me, and to channel my skills into fulfilling work. After each session I left with greater clarity and renewed energy to share with those around me.'



'Gill has a gift for asking the right questions in the right way. Her approach helped me reframe a sense of defeat into an experiment with a new direction. She also helped me define what it is I want to get from my work. All this helped me to see that I could meet my objectives in ways I hadn't previously considered.'



'Gill is very good at developing life coaching based on the individual’s personality rather than a one size fits all model. She has greatly helped me to understand how I naturally operate, the strengths and blind spots I possess and the opportunities to use this insight to better achieve my goals. I have been surprised by the insights I have gained, beyond what I was expecting.'



'Gill has been excellent at helping me take the first steps in creating my own business venture, something that I have wanted to do for many years, and has helped turn the courage of my convictions into an actionable plan. Gill is an astute and effective listener and able to gently and assertively pull up by the roots what is really going on.'



'Gill's holistic approach, coupled with her depth of experience and knowledge have allowed me to really explore and develop - to reconnect with my inner self. As a non-linear thinker Gill's methods have worked really well, this has been achieved by her understanding of diverse thinking. My work with Gill is ongoing, I always end sessions with some new wisdom about myself and the world I wish to live in.'



'Gill provides the prefect combination of intuitive guidance and straightforward practical advice taking you through a process that allows you to attain your goals seemingly effortlessly. Life changing work.'

(JCK Niala - Writer, Osteopath)



         Hearing Our Calling

Meaningful Work; Fulfilling Life

Looking forward to running this weekend workshop at the ever-lovely Hawkwood College, 22-24 Jan 2016.


         Right Livelihood

'Right Livelihood': delighted to be a guest contributor on this Schumacher College programme.


         Earth Spirit

I’ll be running workshops at both EarthSpirit Gatherings next year: 3rd June and 19th August.


My book Hearing our Calling, published by Floris in 2014, is about the importance of finding the right work.

It explores the history of human endeavour, the problems with the work culture we have today, the true meaning of work, tips for finding your ‘calling’ and visions for a different future.

Buy here for £10 (RRP £16.99).

         Hearing My Calling at Floris


Order your copy here


£10.00 plus £2.00 P&P (UK)




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