Personal Coaching



s well as working as a Learning & Development Consultant, Gill works with individuals to help them discover and develop their calling in life.



Personal coaching will support you to:


  • gain a deeper understanding of your purpose
  • develop a vision of your role in the world
  • work creatively towards your vision
  • live a life that is congruent with your values


Gill hold an OCM Diploma (with Distinction) in Professional Coach/Mentoring, and an Advanced Certificate in Therapeutic Counselling. She brings a warm and non-judgmental approach to the flaws of being human, extends an invitation to celebrate who we already are, and who we are becoming.


Length, frequency and duration of sessions vary. These are agreed and reviewed frequently. You'll have an initial conversation about the length and frequency of sessions that might work best for you, and this can be reviewed and adapted as the work progresses.


Typically coaching might consist of six one hour sessions. However, a single session of an hour may be enough for you to achieve the shift you wanted. Or, if there are many or complex issues that you are keen to work on, sessions might last longer, and/or could be up to 24 in number. Frequency of sessions is usually not more than weekly, and not less than monthly.


Clients in the South West: you'll agree what location will work best for your sessions: outside is always an option! For further away/international clients, sessions are held on Skype or by telephone, depending on your preference.


Gill operate a scale of charges according to each person's resources:


High Income: £70 per session

Medium Income: £50 per session

Low Income: £30 per session


Skill swaps are also a possibility.



'Gill provides the prefect combination of intuitive guidance and straightforward practical advice taking you through a process that allows you to attain your goals seemingly effortlessly. Life changing work.'

(JCK Niala - Writer, Osteopath)



A word from Gill


"I believe that all life on Earth is interconnected - Earth is life. When we hurt something else or someone else, we hurt ourselves. I believe that we have become disconnected from our past as a species - we have lost touch with our natural selves and many of us live at deep division from the rest of the world and often at deep division with others and ourselves.


There has always been conflict, and nothing has ever been perfect, but there is a lot of evidence to show that some of the world’s ‘poorest’ people are the happiest and healthiest on earth. These are not people who live in modern poverty, but those indigenous peoples who are still connected to the world, each other and themselves.


I believe that many of us are unhappy, or disconnected, because we cannot fulfil are purpose. Some of us may have lost touch with our own purpose, and others may know it perfectly well, but today’s society doesn’t enable us to fulfil it.


My own calling includes enabling others to find their purpose - in whatever way that means for them: whether it’s finding their calling, living more in accordance with their own values, discovering their own innate potential or relating more consciously with others.


I believe that we come more fully to our personal potential through qualities such as awareness, compassion, respect and authenticity. And I believe that we each hold our own answers - and that sometimes we need a little help, or the right space and company, to help us discover them. Whilst nothing has ever been perfect, I believe that through finding our purpose there is abundant potential for joy, creativity and wellbeing. I also believe that through helping ourselves, we help someone else or something else."









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