Gill Coombs is a writer, change facilitator and activist. She has stood as a candidate for the Green Party, is active in Extinction Rebellion, works regularly with the team at Embercombe, and is a passionate advocate for wild life.

In 2010, Gill left a corporate Learning and Development career to travel around the country on foot and public transport, leading workshops for communities on living in harmony with self, people and planet. She then spent a year at Schumacher College studying Holistic Science.  

Gill has written three books: Hearing our Calling, about finding the right work, was published by Floris in 2014; The Game, about the role we all play in the health of the world, was published in 2016; and her latest work 'The Trembling Warrior: A Guide for Reluctant Activists' has just been released and is receiving positive reviews. 

Gill has studied with Jan Mojsa, Jenny Mackewn, Malcolm Parlett, Mary-Jane Rust, Satish Kumar, Stephan Harding, Martin Shaw, David Abram and Mac Macartney. She has completed a Diploma course in Therapeutic Counselling, has a Coaching Diploma (Distinction) and an MSc in Holistic Science. She continues to deepen her practice of eco-psychology.

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