Times of upheaval and uncertainty are also times of opportunity and new beginnings. How you respond creates the future...

Personal Coaching

I work with clients who want to contribute something positive to the world: whether through work, activism, or life choices.


Maybe you can’t see a way forward; or you have a plan, but are stuck; maybe you’re struggling with something that prevents you being as effective and joyful as you could be. Or maybe you have no idea where to start!  


I have a four year training in integrative therapeutic counselling, fifteen years of coaching in organisations, and nine years in private practice with clients seeking to bring about a better world.

Just now I'm able to start with new clients on Skype/Zoom etc only... contact me to arrange a trial session.

What Happens?

First, we’ll explore what’s bringing you: your journey so far, your current situation, your core passions, and your hopes and dreams. I’ll explain my approach, and we’ll discuss how we'll work together. The initial contract is for six sessions, though some clients choose to continue for longer.


I don't have a one-size-fits-all formual, as every client is unique. I draw on a range of coaching, counselling and mentoring approaches, uniquely adapted with each client. It doesn't all have to be about work; indeed, all areas of life are relevant, and often worth exploring before work can be addressed. Please note, there will be homework…  


I offer a blend of depth work and practical progress. You might prefer to focus more on soul-searching, or on tangible outcomes. I'm not a therapist, and don’t work with serious mental health problems. But sessions can sometimes be therapeutic!


£35-£50 per 1 hour session, depending on resources. Contact me to book a free exploratory phone call or meeting.






"It’s been fabulously revealing, thought provoking, healing and inspiring!" 





Team days, meetings, leadership development, coaching, consultation 

An experienced group leader and facilitator, I work with local groups and ethical organisations in the South West to support personal and professional development, strong collaboration, and effective outcomes. I've facilitated events for local council groups and The Kitchen Table's Conversation Cafe, as well as working regularly with the team at Embercombe.

Contact me to arrange a conversation.

"Gill has worked extensively for the GreenSquare Group for a number of years facilitating and supporting the development of its existing and aspiring managers. I have the highest regard for Gill , a view shared by the vast majority of colleagues who have worked with her and benefited from her knowledge , skills and confidence building style. At an organisational level her impact on leadership effectiveness and culture was both significant and invaluable as we sought to build a supportive people and customer focused organisation. I would commend Gill to anyone looking to develop and improve the performance of the managers and teams at all levels."


Dave Ashmore MBE, former CEO, Greensquare


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