What kind of future are you

living into being?

"These times invite us to reflect on our lives: what we want to be doing, what we really value. What is asking for your attention - in your own life, and in the world around you?" 


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Gill Coombs has supported hundreds of people in knowing themselves more fully, and living more authentically. 1:1 sessions blend coaching, counselling and ecotherapy approaches with your own deep wisdom. Take time to focus on your work, business venture or art project, activism, volunteering, or simply what your soul wants your life to be. Transformational sessions, bringing tangible changes.

Gill also works with workplace teams and community groups, supporting them in developing vision, goals, collaboration, communication skills, emotional intelligence, and resilience. 

Books include The Trembling Warrior: A Guide for Reluctant Activists, Hearing our Calling: Rethinking work and the Workplace, and The Game: Life vs the Dark Powers. She is always delighted to receive invitations to speak about the ideas in her books.

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THE TREMBLING WARRIOR: 'Do you feel you would like to make a difference in the world, but become immobilised by doubt? Do you step into situations and then struggle to cope with resistance and challenge? This book shows you are not alone, explaining why this happens and how to deal with it. Recommended for all ‘sensitive idealists’.

JEAN BOULTON, author, Embracing Complexity.

HEARING OUR CALLING: 'An insightful treatise guiding us towards happier, more purposeful lives filled with generosity, spontaneity, creativity, connectedness and love.’

SIMON ROBINSON, co-author of Holonomics

THE GAME: 'Original, exciting and deeply refreshing. Tough and confronting, yet also compassionate and generous, Gill Coombs makes the choices we face explicit and very clear: choices that can take us towards life or away from it. It signposts the way forward to a just, peaceful and beautiful world.'

MAC MACARTNEY, author of Finding Earth, Finding Soul


Times of upheaval and uncertainty are also times of opportunity and new beginnings. 1:1 sessions with Gill Coombs, blending a practical approach with soul work, can help you co-create the future you would like to live and be part of.


Gill has a passion for helping people recognise and develop their unique skills, clarify their intention, develop their confidence, and work joyfully and effectively in the world.

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'What I was repeatedly impressed with was your way of asking exactly the right questions. You have a way of gently pushing me in the right direction that often made me realise that I didn’t need to look for answers ‘outside’, but that the key to solving most – if not all – problems was within myself and that I have more resources than I am aware of. '


'Gill asked searching questions that made me think outside the box and see ting differently; more thoughtfully and helpfully.' 


'I felt safe in Gill’s hands and in a space of non-judgment she created enabled a journey of opening and unfolding into myself, an investigation that began to awaken parts of me I had been afraid to call on again. With her encouragement, and a range of tools to help me observe my thinking patterns spatially, I found the courage to move back towards creating the work I feel passionately about. She helped me keep focused and committed, and her way with questions led me to new insights and an adventure into questioning my assumptions.' 



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