Author, activist and life coach Gill Coombs understands the frustration of caring passionately about an issue, but feeling like you don't have the power to change something for the better. 

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The Game

Gill Coombs's second book is about the rising battle between good and evil in the world. Simplifying some complex ideas in the form of a game, it encourages readers to take an active role in 'scoring for Life' rather than a passive approach that can unwittingly score for the 'Dark Powers'.


In the Game, there are seven Avatars we can all play - each described with compassion and psychological insight. Coombs shows how these Avatars play out in various 'Fields' such as Money, Community and Food. Described as 'a fine, sane work about real devils and how to resist them', The Game is packed with hundreds of ideas that readers can implement straight away.

'..radical, searching, provocative, well-written and deeply insightful. It provides nourishment for courageous thinkers and people of sense and conscience, and is strong medicine for the uninformed, complacent and too-afraid-to-look.' MALCOLM PARLETT, author of Future Sense

'... original, exciting and deeply refreshing. Tough and confronting, yet also compassionate and generous, Gill Coombs makes the choices we face explicit and very clear: choices that can take us towards life or away from it. It signposts the way forward to a just, peaceful and beautiful world.' MAC MACARTNEY, author of Finding Earth, Finding Soul