Author, activist and coach/counsellor Gill Coombs understands the frustration of caring passionately about an issue, but feeling like you don't have the power to change something for the better. 

Trembling Warrior - Gill Coombs_edited.p
The Trembling Warrior

​If you're passionate about global justice and our fragile living world, you may feel an urgent need to 'do something'. But not everyone is a natural warrior. What about poets, artists and dreamers; gentle souls, and those on a spiritual path, who don't relish the idea of battle?


In her new book, Gill Coombs celebrates and encourages those who feel compelled to step up, despite feeling vulnerable: weaving stories and experience from activists and on the front line politicians with wisdom from writers, therapists, and fellow dreamers. Personal narratives bring several forms of activism to life, offering ideas and information resourcing Trembling Warriors to be active and effective in their own way. Idealists will relate to this exploration of the essential gifts they bring to the world, as well as their challenges and how to overcome them. An insightful, soulful affirmation for those who feel compelled to step up, despite feeling vulnerable, at this pivotal time.

'Do you feel you would like to make a difference in the world, but become immobilised by doubt? Do you step into situations and then struggle to cope with resistance and challenge? This book shows you are not alone, explaining why this happens and how to deal with it. Recommended for all ‘sensitive idealists’. Jean Boulton, author, Embracing Complexity.